Submitting pset5 for proper grading

I rolled everything into dictionary.c - still not seeing my grade changes from 0. I cant tell if the pset is still not graded or is the grading system changed again in 2016? Thanks - any help is much appreciated. Only pset to pass. Thanks. in total, i submitted dictionary.c speller.c Makefile and questions.txt

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In the pset5 instructions it says to create a zip file containing the entire pset5 directory

When ready to submit, log into CS50 IDE.

2.In a terminal window, execute the below.

cd ~/workspace/pset5 zip -r pset5.zip *.c *.h questions.txt Makefile

3.Toward CS50 IDE’s top-left corner, within its "file browser" (not within a terminal window), control-click or right-click pset5.zip, which you just created with that latter command, and then select Download. You should find that your browser has downloaded pset5.zip.

4.In a separate tab or window, log into CS50 Submit, logging in if prompted.

5.Click Submit toward the window’s top-left corner.

6.Under Problem Set 5 on the screen that appears, click Upload New Submission.

7.On the screen that appears, click Add files…. A window entitled Open Files should appear.

8.Navigate your way to pset5.zip. Odds are it’s in your Downloads folder or wherever your browser downloads files by default. Once you find pset5.zip, click it once to select it, then click Open (or the like).

9.Click Start upload to upload all of your files at once to CS50’s servers.

  • Thanks. Claire. I need to clarify a little. I think I understand why we need to create a separate zip file (since the whole pset5 contains a lot of big text files which we dont need for the purpose of grading). However, I dont still understand why whatever I have done before - downloading and submitting dictionary.c (with dictionary.h rolled into it), dictionary.h makefile, speller.c and questions.txt will not suffice. I ran check50 and it worked. Thanks.
    – monkey_tan
    Commented Jun 9, 2016 at 8:56
  • Well, that is all you need for check50, however with it stating to zip the whole file, I take it that's how the grader opens and uses the file at the other end. Without knowing how the submit grader works and what files it's told to open, I can't really elaborate into it more but I take it it automatically looks for a zip file and goes from there. So perhaps by not submitting it as such, it doesn't read it properly. Sorry I can't give you a better answer, maybe someone who knows the system better will come along to add more detail or correct me.
    – Claire
    Commented Jun 9, 2016 at 11:45

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