After the Syntax errors are fixed,and after compiling with no errors is it actually possible to actually run the program and see the print out of the half Pyramid to check the logical errors in the loop and correct them. check50 does not give access to the printout. uma1966


To run your program, first you have to compile it:

make mario

Then to run it


You really should be compiling/running your program before you ever try using check50. check50 is a way to see if you pass all the tests that will be used for grading. It's not the first step.


Yes! Open up the terminal and navigate your way to the same directory as the executable (i.e., that file that was produced as a result to the compilation process) using the cd command then run


check50 also shows you the output of your program via a link that it provides at the end of its output, but of course check50 is used for testing purposes.

It's also recommended to run and test your program as well as checking it with check50.

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