I submitted all pset1 programs, but only Mario is graded; and even more weirdly, for Mario, even it shows that I passed all test, I didn't get score for all of them (see line 2)

enter image description here

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Did you submit all of pset1 at the same time and in the same package? If you submit them in different uploads, only the last upload will be graded and the other parts of the pset will get 0 or will not be graded.

As for the mario grade, one of the tests actually failed. You should rerun check50 against the code that was uploaded. In fact, if you run your mario and give it a height of 0, you'll probably see it fail. If it prompts for the height again, it's wrong. A pyramid of height 0 is valid - it should simply produce a carriage return as output.

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  • Thank you so much for the info. Indeed, I first submitted them sequentially; I later submitted all of them together and I just checked the grades and it is now 0.96. I didn't know that a height 0 should produce a carriage return. Will modify the code and re-submit at some point. Wish these info could be included in the website to avoid so much hassle :-)
    – rhabdomere
    Jun 25, 2016 at 2:26

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