Anyone on Whodunit, interested in discussing it a bit? I managed to remove red noise and ended up with a picture of faint shades of greenish blue (or maybe the other way around - blueish green ;-) ) It is not clear who that might be. Any colleague found a way to "enhance" colors after removing red? Cheers! and keep on with good work!!


  • Could you enhace the greenish image? I'm in the same place, I got rid of the red and got a greenish/blueish image. Thanks
    – Maggie
    Jul 30, 2016 at 17:44

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Go look at how color values work. If the shades are light, how might you enhance or change those values to see what they look like?

You'll need to read up a bit more on RGB color and changing triple values to get this to work. Remember, you don't need to create a lifelike image, just one you can see.

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