I'm having a bit of trouble with making the buffer while making recover on PSET4. I have tried a couple different things, but I keep getting the same error regardless of the fix I try:

recover.c:25:40: error: excess elements in char array initializer [-Werror] unsigned char compare[] = {"0xff", "0xd8", "0xff"}; (The 0xd8 was underlined in the cs50 IDE)

I have tried to use both BYTE's, char arrays, unsigned char arrays (could someone please tell me if i have correctly understood this? - It is a char that denotes a number from 0 to 255), and char.


typedef uint8_t  BYTE;

BYTE buffer[512];
BYTE compare[] = {"0xff", "0xd8", "0ff"};

unsigned char

unsigned char buffer[512];
unsigned char compare[] = {"0xff", "0xd8", "0ff"};


char buffer[512];
char compare[] = {"0xff", "0xd8", "0ff"};

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You're trying to put strings into byte/unsigned char/char arrays. Quotation marks denote a string. Since the values you're trying to put in are in fact, numbers, you must not use quotation marks.

Good luck with the problem set!

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  • Thank you very much! I didn't even think of that but it fixed my problem Jul 14, 2016 at 20:13

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