I joined cs50 this week and completed the pset0 assignment. I went to submit and fill out the week 0 survey. I closed the window and now cannot go back. If I try to resubmit I get the following message: "Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions." Is there any way around this or is it locked for good?

Thanks, Sandra.

  • I looked at a similar question. The suggestion was to use a different browser. I was using Explorer at first. When I opened the site using Google Chrome, I was able to open the survey and submit the assignment. Problem solved! Commented Jul 14, 2016 at 20:32

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Yes, for the CS50x online class, you are allowed to resubmit as many times as you want. Only the last submission will count towards a grade. (For on-campus classes, you need to ask staff.) Just remember to follow the instructions about all of the parts that need to be submitted together and at the same time. For instance, in a pset that has 2 or more programs, all would need to be resubmitted. You can't just resubmit one of them because the other(s) would get regraded as a 0.

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