I have a completely working version of fifteen and want to try to alter the ascetics using the ANSI ESC functions that are hinted at.

I have looked at their implementation of the clear function as instructed, but where the web page linked in the pset description says to use ESC[#;, the clear functions uses printf("\033[2J").

I was hoping that someone that knew how to use the ANSI techniques could advise me on how and where to implement them.


I guess it is best practice, I wrote this little program as an example, I hope it serves to understand how the escape sequences work.

#include <stdio.h>

int main (void)
    printf("This is a red text\n");

    printf("This is a green bold text\n");

    printf("This is a magenta bold text on a blue background");

per the Wikipedia article:

Escape sequences start with the character ESC (ASCII decimal 27/hex 0x1B/octal 033).

However, most of the sequences are more than two characters, and start with the characters ESC and [ (left bracket). This sequence is called CSI for Control Sequence Introducer (or Control Sequence Initiator).

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