I've tried working through PSet6 but found it rather difficult, kept getting error 403, lost track of what I was doing. I want to retry from scratch, but does anyone have notes of some sort that would help with tackling this PSet? It's the most challenging thus far imo.. Any help is appreciated!

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I was in your some place until today (I just passed the second check50 and submitted it this afternoon having begun in February). You have to attack it iteratively, debug CONSTANTLY, compare your output with the staff solution's output (using the network tab of inspect element as your guide), and write everything out in pseudocode to start. The string manipulation can get especially tricky. I kept failing on what I thought was load (and I did have issues there), but I also hadn't fixed issues in lookup and parse, causing me to misidentify part of my problem. By the time I got to indexes, I finished in a fraction of the time of the other three.

Bottom line: don't give up. Identify specific issues. Read through the distro code carefully. Narrow in on a particular issue. If you are getting a 403, where is the error stemming from? Work backwards from where 403 lives in your code, and figure out how it could have led there. It is all worth it once it all works and you get RickRoll'd!

  • Thank you! I'll give it another go :-)
    – Omar
    Aug 6, 2016 at 13:43

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