Problem Set 0 specification page has lots of text which makes it confusing. Please help me understand the problem, figure out how to solve it and to submit it!

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Head to http://scratch.mit.edu/ and sign up for an account on MIT’s website by clicking Join Scratch atop the page.

Your mission is, quite simply, to have fun with Scratch and implement a project of your choice (be it an animation, a game, interactive art, or anything else), subject only to the following requirements.

  • Your project must have at least two sprites, at least one of which must resemble something other than a cat.
  • Your project must have at least three scripts total (i.e., not necessarily three per sprite).
  • Your project must use at least one condition, one loop, and one variable.
  • Your project must use at least one sound.
  • Your project should be more complex than most of those demonstrated in lecture (many of which, though instructive, were quite short) but it can be less complex than, say, Scratch Scratch Revolution. As such, your project should probably use a few dozen puzzle pieces overall.

To submit problem set 0, head to the URL below.


You’ll find that a few questions await. Be extra-sure that your answers are correct, particularly your email address(es) and your project’s URL, else the stuff may overlook your submission! And be sure to click Submit on the last page of that form in order to submit your first CS50 problem set!


All these instructions are gotten from here


Each problem set will have lots of text, but this text is to help you complete the pset. The large amount of text may make it seem confusing, but if you are patient and read through it carefully, it will help you get through the psets easier. You will also find submission instructions at the end of the pset.

Each pset has a section labeled "Academic Honesty." After reading through it for one pset, you can skip it for the rest of the psets, because it's always the same.


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