I just started working on pset1. But when I closed the terminal and reopened it, instead of my username, I had my workspace opened in ubuntu. I can't understand what's wrong. Also check50 isn't working. Says hello.c doesn't exist even if it does.

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You have moved to ubuntu Directory. Do you see something like this?

/home/ubuntu/ $ 

if you type ls , you will see different directories, one of which should be workspace. You can enter to this directory by typing cd workspace into terminal and then you will see

/home/ubuntu/workspace/ $ 

Then again type cd pset1 in terminal. you will be in pset1 directory now.

/home/ubuntu/workspace/pset1/ $ 

Now you should be able to compile hello.c and check50 shall also work.

To understand better, you were in forlder of ubuntu and check50 was not able to find file hello.c there. Only you have to move to correct Folder by cd, which means Change Directory to compile and check your program.

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