I just completed pset4 and downloaded it to my pc in order to upload it in gradebook, the downloaded zip of pset4 is of about 32mb and it is not of the pset4.tar.gz format.... so I wanna confirm if I need to to download it with all the recovered jpgs and upload them too and will it be okay to upload the regular zipped version which i got when i downloaded it which is not a pset4.tar.gz format


I believe that all you need to upload are source code files that have been changed. You can try downloading again without the image files and see if that gives a tarball. Be sure to include all of the source files, the makefile, anything related to compiling the program.

Even if it doesn't, upload the zip and submit it. The check50 software that does the grading (yes, it's the same check50) will extract the files it wants. Anything extra will be ignored and it will run your code to produce a new set of output files. (check50 actually uses a different input file right now.)

The worst case is it doesn't work right, you can get help from staff and you can resubmit after resolving the problem with the zip file.

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  • removing the image and downloading it still gives out a regular zip file instead of the pset4.tar.gz format and now is about 16mb as card.raw is still there,just remembered that when I submitted pset3 it also was downloaded as a regular zip file but I didnt noticed it at that time and submitted it, that pset was graded correctly.... so now I am thinking of submitting the regular zip file with a jpegs, just wanna know if it will be rejected due to file size of 32mb cuz even if I upload it without the images it still wud be of 16mb, and how to contact a staff member if I want to? – Furrukh Jamal Aug 3 '16 at 10:38

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