I've implemented load and indexes and the website seems to work ok. I say ok because it prints out hello, hello, world when I access hello.php, and fails pretty much all the checks in the second check50 except "Requesting /test redirects to /test/"

I've attached my load and indexes functions below, can someone help?

bool load(FILE* file, BYTE** content, size_t* length)
    //initialize content and length as NULL
    *content = NULL;
    *length = 0;
    char buffer[BYTES];
    ssize_t num_bytes = 0;

    while((num_bytes = fread(buffer, 1, BYTES, file)) > 0)
        if ((*content = realloc(*content, *length + num_bytes)) == NULL)
            return false;
        memcpy(*content + *length, buffer, num_bytes);
        *length += num_bytes;

    return true;

And indexes:

char* indexes(const char* path)
    // TODO
    //path_p to store index.php appended path
    char* path_p = malloc(strlen(path) + 10);
    strcpy(path_p, path);
    path_p = strcat(path_p, "index.php");
    path_p[strlen(path) + 9] = '\0';

    //path_h to store index.html appended path
    char* path_h = malloc(strlen(path) + 11);
    strcpy(path_h, path);
    path_h = strcat(path_h, "index.html");
    path_h[strlen(path) + 10] = '\0';

    if (access(path_p, F_OK) == 0)
        return path_p;
    else if (access(path_h, F_OK) == 0)
        return path_h;
    return NULL;

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Turns out I read the spec wrong and was returning the wrong string in my lookup function...so silly. All is well now!

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