Currently doing the project for pset0 and wondering does the project have to be done completely or it is could be an ongoing project for next problem sets. I started to make the chess game for pset0, and as I am the beginner - I can't complete it on this stage. However I'v made some progress and wondering can I submit it as it is? Or it's better to make something less complicate but a 100% done.

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Scratch is only used for pset0 and next week, you'll be moving onto the C language and Scratch will no longer be mentioned.

You really should complete it before submitting, so perhaps something simpler for now? You could always come back to it later as you learn more programming concepts. Pset0 is meant to be a way to "get your feet wet" and start thinking programmatically using a simpler drag/drop programming environment before moving onto C.

Hope that helps, Brenda.


No you will not have to use Scratch from pset1 onward. You can also complete pset0 after a few weeks of lectures so that you get a good idea to implement using Scratch.

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