i am almost done with pset7 but i cannot figure out this problem. please somebody, help me.enter image description here below i have provided the error and also the code of index.php on line 7 and 8enter image description here


Try this. Open a new Terminal tab in ide50, and execute the following commands:

mysql50 shell
USE `pset7`;

If portfolios is not in the list of tables, then your problem is that the pset7 database does not contain a table called portfolios.

Another way of saying this is: "Table 'pset7.portfolios' doesn't exist."

To resolve the error, you'll need to create the table. You can do that using the mysql50 shell interface I showed you above, or you can use phpMyAdmin.

Read the problem specification very carefully, and you may find instructions (or at least hints) on how to create the table. If that's not enough, you can also look at the pset7.sql code from the zip archive you downloaded, and take note of how the CS50 staff create the users table.

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