/etc/init.d/apache2: 18: /etc/profile.d/ide50.sh: [[: Permission denied

Been getting this error whenever I try to start or stop apache50 using the pset8 public directory. Attempting to open the server URL gives me the following error message:

Fatal error: could not find driver in /home/ubuntu/workspace/pset7/vendor/library50-php-5/CS50/CS50.php

Can someone help?

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If Ctrl+F5 does not do the trick, you might have a zombie Apache2 process. Try killing it forcefully with:

sudo killall -9 apache2

Those errors, while annoying, don't seem to prevent apache from starting. Try a ctrl-F5 to reload the web page, because the error is referencing pset7 /home/ubuntu/workspace/pset7/vendor/library50-php-5/CS50/CS50.php

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