I am just about 50% done with pset6, for me pset5 and pset6 were the most difficult ones for me, as we have transitioned from C to php in lectures of week 6 and week 7 just wanna ask those who have completed this course are pset7 and pset8 as difficult as pset5 and pset6 and do they use pointers and file I/O to the level what it is used in pset6?just wanna know if pointers are still used then I can rewatch some old lectures Plus I couldn't follow the php stuff initially in week 6 and week7 will I be ok in understanding php stuff as I move ahead in lectures or should I read some php book first before proceeding further.... like apress php for beginners


PHP is much easier than C in many ways. You definitely won't need to worry about pointers and malloc() and free() any more! You will be doing some file I/O, but nothing involving low-level file stream cursors like pset5 -- you'll just open a file handle, read from it, and remember to close it.

There will be new challenges, but in my opinion you won't find anything in the class to be more difficult than server.c.

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    Hear, hear! IMO the hardest transition is "getting your $ chops". Every variable name starts with a $. The best part is the php on line manual. And there is never any harm done reading a book :) Aug 31 '16 at 13:55

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