Code for the second initial:

for (int i = 0; i < strlen(name); i++)

            if (i == isspace(name))
            printf("%c\n", toupper(name[i+1]));

gives me a segmentation fault?


One problem is here: printf("%c\n", toupper(name[i+1]));
Your code iterates from i = 0 to i = strlen(name) - 1, on the last iteration you're trying to acess name[strlen(name)], which is outside the boundaries of the array by definition.
Also, line if (i == isspace(name)) feels weird, isspace checks if a character is space but you're passing a string as parameter.
If you're having trouble figuring what a function does you can use command man, for example:
man isspace where you can read about the function.
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