Actually i submitted my problem set 1 through the edx.org link (http://apps.cs50.edx.org/cs50x/2016/@/portal), and when i searched on google for the CS50 discuss (as it was shown in week 2 lecture) i came up to this link " http://newapps.cs50.net/cs50/@/discuss/ " and in this i also saw the section submit in which it did not show any of my submissions but when i log in into the 1st link it shows the submission as well as 1.0 grade i just wanted to know that is this only for Harvard's student or for previous year course or what ? And if it for only harvard's student not for edx's student then shall we ask for all our problem over here? are these answered by the same staff ? please help me out ... it is so much annoying and please also tell me that what does this 1.0 grade means ? well i searched on google i found a link in cs50.stackexchange.com it says 1.0 means full marks, is it so ?

Please confirm anyone will be so kind of you.!

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The 2nd link (http://newapps.cs50.net/cs50/@/discuss/) is only for the harvard's students and for the students who are taking the course from the website edx.org the website for their gradebooks and submission is the 1st link (http://apps.cs50.edx.org/cs50x/2016/@/portal) and the grading system for the edx is also different from harvard we are awarded the grades from a total of 1.0 (as 100%) instead of 5 here attached is the information about the grade from the website edx.orgenter image description here

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