Ok to get full grasp of php html and css I have decided to read a book first and practice some of it examples before diving into the actual pset7, just wanna ask those who have completed cs50.... I havent watched lectures beyond week 7, I have downloaded the book "Learning php, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript by O'Reilly" almost all php books start with tutorials on how to download a server and what not, but cs50IDE already has a built in server, so just wanna know what commands I should be knowing in order to work some of the examples from the book in cs50 IDE or do I install all those servers taught in from the book and work on a separate ide? Would really appreciate if someone can list all the commands, and what they do,I would be needing in cs50 IDE to practice some of php, css, mysql taught in the book.

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I don't have this particular book, but I can make a few observations.

  • O'Reilly books are awesome, so you have chosen well. I'm sure it contains good information.
  • The CS50 IDE uses the Apache2 server. You may have used apache50 to stop, start, restart, and check the status of the server. If the examples in this book include management of an Apache web server, you might not need to install anything -- just use apachectl or whatever the book suggests instead of apache50 , and see if it works!

EDIT: I'm doing weekend fun stuff and can't reply in comments (because mobile.) but the short answer is -- dude, just do the walkthroughs, exercises and studios for Module 7. Trust David Malan! He will teach you what you need to know. Meanwhile, just speed-read the O'Reilly book as fast as you can. It will tell you how to do the same stuff outside of CS50, without the benefit of the scaffolding provided by Harvard (stuff like apache50 and the CS50 PHP library). That will give you good perspective. But you don't need to know it to finish pset7.

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    Lets just assume I make a newfolder in cs50 Ide and start to do examples from the book in that folder, i only know how to start apache 50, how do I tell my server to display files of that newfolder to the world that is using the web address together with my user name like how we did for pset6 and how to tell server that this is a .php file and later on in the book there is mysql too, how to use that in cs50ide? Commented Sep 3, 2016 at 5:24

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