I run the apache50 stop/start exactly as told to by the pset, but when I go to the website it is still stuck on cs50 finance. This is making it impossible to start pset8 because I can't even get the website working. Even after running apache50 stop but not start the website remains up. How can I force it to change?

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If apache50 stop is not stopping the Apache2 server process, you may have a "zombie process." Luckily, it can be killed! Try executing:

sudo killall -9 apache2

to terminate the process with extreme prejudice.

Hopefully, once you do that, apache50 stop will work again as expected.


To resolve your permission issues, check out my Definitive Guide to 403 Forbidden / permissions / chmod on the CS50 Reddit.

  • OK I did that and now the cs50 finance site is down, but now I just get 403 forbidden. I did all the permissions as told to in the pset.
    – DSmith
    Sep 10, 2016 at 13:49

If @MattObert advice doesn't work, try a ctrl-F5 to reload the pages in your browser.

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