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I have done every question of pset 2 but the check give me the message like this every time . the output are same but it can not see it and deduct my marks. I have try many method to solve a single problem but always the same problem occurs in front of me .Can someone tell how to solve this problem.


You are printing an extra space before the actual message is printed. Depending on how your code looks, it's quite likely you have a printf(" "); statement somewhere in your code.


@MayankMaheshwari is correct and their answer deserves your approval.

I'd just like to add that you are very, very close to finishing this Problem Set and should be proud of the work you have done so far.

One of the most important things you will learn in CS50, beyond just the ability to devise and implement algorithms, is attention to detail!

That blank space character in your output is almost invisible -- but there it is, starting you in the face.

Now go fix that bug, and click the green check mark to accept the most helpful answer (not mine!)

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