In the screenshot below, I have no "C GDB Debugging" runner option.


I tried to make my own runner for the debugger by following these steps, but when I try to run it I have the same issue as this person. All it says is "listening on port xxxxx".

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CS50 has now released debug50 a more stable version than its predecessor. You can also manually use gdb through the command-line with; gdb OBJECT-FILE (where OBJECT-FILE is a vigenere.o, or just vigenere). Inside of which you can type r for run, n for next, c for continue, and b followed by a line number or function, such as b 50 (breaks line 50) or b foo (breaks the first line in the foo function). For more you can open gdb and then type help.

  • Thanks, debug50 is exactly what I wanted!
    – tamj0rd2
    Sep 18, 2016 at 10:14

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