I don't think I've ever been so frustrated with a pset so far. I sort of understand what I have to do, but I can't just write proper code that'll make it happen. I don't think I've learnt pointers well enough for this. My idea for the pseudo code is:

While (!feof)

 if Fread from file into buffer > 0

   realloc *content with the size of buffer

   memcpy buffer into content


am I in the right track? is there something I'm missing? thanks for the help edit: formatting


Definitely the right track.

This While (!feof) is fraught. Remember the warnings from Week 4 > Shorts > File I/O starting around 7:30. So somehow "wrap" your while around the fread.

Instead of realloc *content with the size of buffer consider realloc *content to it's current size plus the size of buffer

Instead of memcpy buffer into content consider memcpy buffer to the end of content

Instead of *lenght++ consider *lenght+= some number of bytes, (like what it just read?)

Frustration is the enemy. This pset is quite challenging, to be sure. Trust what you know, research/review what you don't and use the tools (debug50, gdb, valgrind).


Hint: look at the top of the server.c distribution code for a symbolic constant define which suggests a good size (BYTES) for your buffer. Read in the file one byte at a time, incrementing a counter (bytes) for each byte read.

Now ask yourself these questions:

  • How will you know that your buffer is full and you need to realloc()? Can you devise a simple test for this, perhaps using the modulo operator?
  • How will you determine the new size of the buffer? Can you express this as an equation using your bytes counter and the BYTES symbolic constant?

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