Kind of stuck of pset7 for some days.... finding it even harder than pset5 or pset6, what study material do I need to go through cuz the php manual I find it cryptic, any advice or motivation would be appreciated dont wont to quit when I am so close

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My best advice is, don't get bogged down trying to read everything about PHP that you can find online. Instead:

  • follow the Problem Specification very closely. Each task that you accomplish will give you the building blocks you need to do the next one.
  • read the example code provided in pset7.zip very carefully. There are lots of important clues in there -- and even some chunks of Controller logic that you can cut and paste directly into your own Controllers.
  • make sure that you understand what the functions in helpers.php are doing -- especially the render() function.
  • familiarize yourself with the MySQL shell interface. You'll thank yourself later; it will help you to rapidly test out SQL queries without any PHP middleware.
  • register a user account in the CS50 Staff version of the project. Look at the HTML source code for every single page, and use it to help you create your own View templates.
  • also, use the DOM Inspector in the Developer Tools to see how their CSS styles are implemented. It's OK to make your site look just like theirs -- you can always change it later!
  • trust in your C knowledge! Lots of PHP code (loops, conditionals, etc.) uses C-like syntax. You don't need to look it up unless it's different.

Most of all, believe in yourself! If you have made it this far, you have already demonstrated that you are capable of doing amazing things with C. Trust that you are capable of doing amazing things in PHP, too!

Hope this helps.

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