For those of you who have finished the course - do you continue to use the CS50 IDE?

I would like to find an IDE that doesn't depend on the CS50 libraries and packages etc. and would like to find something that is not cloud-based either. I have Xcode and sublime text but I'm not sure which is best to use - any suggestions?


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Mac, eh? Xcode and Sublime Text are pretty legit. If that's what you're used to, stick with it.

If you want a setup similar to the CS50 IDE, it's easy to run Ubuntu Linux in a VM on your Mac.

For cross-platform IDE options, try CodeBlocks or Eclipse.

Don't just learn to rely on one platform. In case you need to build on a remote server over ssh, you should be able to use an editor like vim or emacs.

Definitely start using git or something else for version control. I started using git for every Problem Set once I hit fifteen.c., and it definitely changed my workflow for the better.

  • How does using git enhance your workflow? Given that cloud9 is already a cloud platform, what does git do for you?
    – kluvin
    Sep 24, 2016 at 10:28

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