I was trying to upload pset7 2 days back, but just couldnt get pass the uploading screen, tried 10 to 15 times, on my last try although I never got pass the uploading screen but when I checked the submission I could see that my pset7 folder was submitted and all the files were there, but never got any confirmation email from cs50 bot so decided to leave that submission there wait and see if it gets graded or not. So just wanna ask those who have successfully submitted pset7, how long it took to be graded so that i can start considering resubmitting my pset7, normally all my psets were graded within 24 hrs

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It sounds like something is wrong, as you said. Sometimes the server running check50 gets overloaded and then even correct submissions fail to get graded successfully. If that is the case you'll just have to wait a couple hours, or a couple days, depending on when the load dissipates. In the meantime you can start pset8. If waiting does not fix the issue, try asking this question on reddit at /r/cs50, where more technical questions seems to get better answers.

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