I'm working through the first week 7 lecture (edx student). I've turned on the Cloud9 web server with:

apache50 start .

It gives me the URL at which my site is available. I can click on that link and it opens in another tab in the browser I'm using to access Cloud9. I can navigate to a web page I've created in that same browser. I've used chmod a+r to give read permissions to the web page (-rw-r--r--). I've tried it with the HTML file stored inside the pset6/public folder, and at the ~/workspace root.

Actual behavior: when I take the URL of my site or my page and put it in a different browser, it requests CS50 ID edX authentication. I can't view any of the pages I've created in the IDE on the web without signing into Cloud9.

Expected behavior: I can see the pages without sign-in, this is the behavior David demonstrates in the lecture.

Any thoughts?


Ah the magic of television :). Assuming your workspace is private, which is the default, your "actual behavior" is the "expected behavior". It is not recommended viz. the Honor Code, but you can change your workspace from private to public in the dashboard. CS50 IDE > Go To Your Dashboard. Here's some doc from cloud9 on the subject of private vs. public.

  • Lovely. Thank you so much, Dino, for explaining this. I was fooled by Show Biz. :) I will leave it be, and view my pages privately amongst myself for now. Appreciate the fast response! Oct 4 '16 at 21:00

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