as per specification of pset8's search value of geo, passed into search.php as a GET parameter, meanwhile, might be a city, state, and/or postal code I am not from US so Dont know how the names of states and etc work in there, I can figure it out that the postal code is the column named postal_code in the database, the column named as place_name is the name of the city but what column stands for the state name? There are six more columns named as admin_name1, admin_code1, admin_name2, admin_code2, admin_name3 and admin_code3. Which of these columns do I have to include in my search query for the name of the state?


admin_name1 is the state's fullname, like in "Alaska"
admin_code1 is the abbreviation, like "AK" for Alaska.

Which one you'll use will depend if you're working with the fullname or the abbreviation

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