I have run the following line in the terminal:

check50 2015.fall.pset5.speller dictionary.c dictionary.h

when run I get the following error message:

:) dictionary.c, dictionary.h, Makefile exist

:( speller compiles

\ expected output, not standard error of "speller.c:43:34: error: too few argumen..." Do I need to include some argument for the check50 to work properly?



The error is self-explanatory, as far as it goes. It means that a call to a function doesn't have the right number of arguments. Specifically, it looks like load() has a mismatch in the number of arguments. It should have only one arg.

Have you altered speller.c or the signatures for any of the functions in dictionary.c? I'd look for a mismatch in a function call. Also, a reminder that speller.c should not be changed.

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