hi guys im learning online from another country (sorry for english by the way) and i have really serrious question i just done pset1 except greedy and credit its hard as hell and then in dispair (after 4 days non stop thinking) i peeped the answers but not whole till moment to understand and done it by my self andd..... i saw library math.h and round comand nad there wasnt such things in week1 lectures so my question is when pset1 was appeared (i need to know when start making psets because i learn on youtube ) and when is dedline for pset1........ and im so sorry for my english thanks in advance


In the specification for pset1 greedy, there was a link explaining how the round() function worked, but that appears to be dead now. However, you can still watch the walkthrough which contains many tips, including how and why to use round() (and how it relates to math.h). It is by the way translated into many languages if you find it difficult to follow.

Lectures are remade each year, but the psets remain mostly the same. The deadline for all psets (including pset1) is January 1. 2017, you probably won't finish the course by then, but you also won't have to redo the psets you have done, since only pset6-pset8 will change as far as I know.

Hopefully this answers your question, if there's anything you would like me to clarify though, just leave a comment :)

  • Good day everybody ! Does "you also won't have to redo the psets you have done" mean that even if we don't finish all course by Janyary 1st, 2017, we can then wait for next year's courses and not start from scratch ? (that would indeed be great :) ) Oct 24 '16 at 3:01
  • Yes. The grades from all psets you have completed will carry over to next year's course, assuming the pset itself remains unchanged.
    – kluvin
    Oct 24 '16 at 5:41

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