I am using CS50 appliance to do psets but since I have a laptop with ubuntu on it, I would like to set up a similar environment to the cs50 in my laptop, starting with clang, and the C libraries that cs50 uses. Can you provide some pointers on how to do it. Thanks!

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The C libraries used by CS50 are all included in a default installation (std*.h, string.h, ctype.h and so on), except cs50.h of course, which you can find instructions on how to use and download and install here. Here's the getting started page for Clang where you can find instructions on how to set-up as well as links to downloads.

At this point you will still be lacking tools included in the appliance, such as check50, debug50, apache50 and all the others *50's. I'm not entirely sure how you would get access to these tools, but I recommend you check out:

Please note that I am not personally running any CS50 tools on my machine, I only copied links from a bit of research, thus I cannot verify the validity of either of these links.

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