Will a video made by a cellphone camera that is 2MP be acceptable instead of a screen cast ? And can someone recommend me some more screen cast softwares that records in .mov format and is free beside camtasia?

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The requirements for submission of the final project are very flexible. I interpret the instructions to mean that any short video that can be uploaded to YouTube "(or, if blocked in your country, a similar site)" is acceptable.

I used Icecream Apps Screen Recorder for my final project (last year). I found it to be all the things they say it is in the marketing material, and (my favorite feature) free!

  • I really like OBS, it's primarily intended for Twitch streamers but it can record as well, it's highly flexible and does all the things! obsproject.com
    – kluvin
    Commented Oct 19, 2016 at 14:54

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