This is sort of a follow up to a previous question about touching: In my game, clones of bats appear and move slowly down the screen and are to be shot down. I've fixed the problem where the bats didn't realize they were shot, but now the problem is that they ALL disappear when one is shot. I've tried putting in a list to give each clone unique attributes, but that hasn't solved it even thought the list looks to be working.

What I'm looking for is for when the laser bolt hits the bat, that bolt and that bat disappear and the score goes up by 1.

Here's the link: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/25310626/#editor


All the bats are receiving the event broadcast by the bolt, which is correct. You need a way to filter which bat specifically is being hit by the bolt.

Your current solution using the cloneID to recognise which bat is being hit, could be made work, but there is a much easier way.

Suppose the bat were to respond to the hit event by checking if it is currently hitting the bolt (or being hit by the bolt). If it is being hit, then it removes itself, otherwise it has not been hit and stays on the screen.

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