When does the VMware Fusion license start for the 365 day period and when does it end? Does it start on Jan 1 or from the day I installed it?

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Update: The course documentation states the license is 365 days, however, my license expired after the official end of the course, on or about Jan. 1, 2015. I didn't start the course or register VMWare Fusion until early Spring of 2014, so it is possible that the licenses expire at the end of each course and not via a timed mechanism.

From the Appliance install instructions: If you are a student taking CS50x through edX or CS50’s certificate option through Harvard Extension School, email [email protected] to request a 365-day license. Within a few minutes, you should receive a reply with further instructions on how to download VMware Fusion.

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I think the non-commercial version gives you an unlimited usage until you use it for non-commercial purposes. Like mine one, it doesn't show any license period and never prompts me to buy a new license. Unless you are going to use the workstation one, the normal VMWare Player will run as longer as you want it to. Cheers!

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