We have the 31 December deadline to finish all the projects, but when exactly will everyone recieve the certificates (verified or honor code)?


According to the courseware page:

You are welcome to take CS50x at your own pace, per the Schedule, starting whenever you'd like, so long as you finish before 31 December 2014. (For those who finish before then, certificates will also be generated in June 2014 and September 2014.) So no worries if this is your first time here!

From my experience last year, when the deadline was 15 April 2013, the certificates were issued within a couple of weeks. It will be shown on your edX dashboard when it is ready for download.

  • Yes yes, I have also read that in the courses page, but obviously you can not recieve your certificates in those dates. OK, thank you for your answer!
    – JAraujo
    Aug 8 '14 at 2:53

The newest and possibly the last batch of certificates for the 2014 offering of the course should be generated and available by January 31st 2015, according to the updated 2014 course info page.

If you did finish CS50x 2014 and met the syllabus's expectations for a certificate, your certificate should appear at courses.edx.org/dashboard as a downloadable, printable PDF by 31 January 2015. Don't worry if your dashboard says your final grade is 0%. CS50 doesn't use edX's built-in gradebook, so everyone's dashboard says that!

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