I've just submitted my pset5. I'm still waiting for the confirmation from the cs50bot, but I'm worried that I might not get one. This is because I had to cut the upload process, as it took hours for the file to upload. I even try to make it as a tarball instead of zip file to see if it could upload faster, but it didn't. There are two lines appears when we click the upload file tab. In all three attempts, the bottom line had finished but the green line on the top keeps going and going for soooo long. Too long that I had to stop it. However, I could see all the 3 files I submitted on the submission page and all files are intact (I opened and read them especially on .h and .c to ensure they are there). Could anyone tell me if this is suffice or I need to try and submit through other ways? Thanks in advance.

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The green progress line on CS50's submit page doesn't always fully load, so it is quite normal behavior you see. The file should have been uploaded successfully even if it may not appear so.

Although remember to submit the form as described in step two, as per the spec, that's what triggers CS50bot to send you an email and begin grading.

  • I normally received two emails from the cs50 bot, one for the form submission and one for the file submission. But, you may be right. I'll wait for a couple of days, if nothing happens I'll contact the staff. Thanks
    – MTreacy
    Nov 12, 2016 at 23:50

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