In pset8 import file on running the command ./import /pset8/US.txt the file is not opening.I have tried many methods but the interpreter says the file does not exists, although I can clearly see it (with ls). Here is my code:


// check if file exists
    // open the file
    $handle = fopen("{$argv[1]}", "r");

    // parse the file and insert into table 'places'
    while (($location = fgetcsv($handle, 0, "\t")) !== FALSE)
        CS50::query("INSERT INTO places (country_code, postal_code,place_name,admin_name1,admin_name2,admin_name3,admin_code3,latitude,longitude,accuracy) VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)", $location[0],$location[1],$location[2],$location[3],$location[4],$location[5],$location[6],$location[7],$location[8],$location[9]);

    // close the file

else exit("file doesn't exist");

but it's prompting again and again "file doesn't exist". I have already changed the permissions of US.txt, still its undiscoverable. What can be the reason for such strange behaviour.


Your second argument to the command is saying "get the the file US.txt, located inside the folder pset8, which is in the root (/) directory".

But pset8 probably isn't inside /. It's most likely inside ~/workspace (which is a shorthand for /home/ubuntu/workspace).

So assuming your file is inside your pset8 directory and import is elsewhere, this should work:

./import ~/workspace/pset8/US.txt

Another way would be to put both import and US.txt inside the same folder. If you do that, you can simply:

./import US.txt

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