I logged into the CS50 IDE for the first time, logged in (through edx) and the IDE booted, however, nothing happens. I have blank panels, files won't open, the terminal won't open, et al. (I was able to create the hello.c file in the picture, but I can't open it either.)

I can't find any support tabs that lets you ask anyone through the site. I've refreshed it, logged out and logged back in, restarted the IDE, still nothing.

Any fixes?screenshot of CS50 IDE


Do you have another browser, like Chrome or Firefox? From the screen shot, it looks like you are using IE. Cloud9 does not support IE, as per this article.

  • It's always the obvious things; that works perfectly, thank you. :)
    – ryantp
    Dec 19 '16 at 19:21

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