I, like several others, have been stuck on pset1 c (mario) for several weeks. Particularly when it comes to printing the spaces and hashes. Could someone help me understand if I'm going about this the right way (sample pseudocode provided below)?

//Create pyramid
for (int hashQuantity = 2; hashQuantity <= height + 1; hashQuantity++)
     //print spaces
     printf (" ") * (height + 1 - hashQuantity); 

     //print hashes
     printf ("#") * hashQuantity;

     //print new line
     printf ("\n");

As you can see, I'm trying to have spaces and the hash character printed out equal to dynamic variables (e.g. "height" and "hashQuantity"). Is this possible/as easy as I think or am I using the wrong format/going about this the wrong way? Thank you for your help.

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Interpreting your pseudocode in a way that assuming printf (" ") * (height + 1 - hashQuantity); means iteration(exclusive) over printf(" "),i.e.

for (i = 0 ; i < height + 1 - hashQuantity ; ++i)
     printf(" ");

you are on right track. That works, proceed ahead. Refer to this you still need more help. Best of Luck.

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