• I signed for cs50x in april 2016 ( whereas course officialy started on jan 1 2015), I have not paid for the verified certificate till date, also I will manage to submit all psets before 31 dec 2016 (not the final project). My queries are as follows-:

    (1.) My dashboard on edx shows that course ends on 31 dec 2017 and also that verification upgrade deadline is 31 dec 2017, but my gradebook says that I have to submit all psets + final project by 31 dec 2016? Please clarify.

    (2.) If i submit all psets (1-8) before 31 dec 2016, then,

    (2.1) Can I submit my final project in 2017 without redoing any of
        the psets(1-8) already submitted?
    (2.2) If answer to (2.1) is yes, then can I pay for the verified
        certificate in 2017 or do I have to pay it before 31 dec 2016? 

    Please answer questions in the order that I have asked. Thanks.

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You can complete the course anytime and you codes will stay there in ide or with you.The deadline in gradebook is for students in Harvard and not for taking course on edx so you can pay and complete the course anytime by 31 Dec 2017 and you will be eligible for certification. Please upvote if you find it helpful.

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