the program is working correctly resizes perfectly (atleast i think) but cs50 check gives out an error on todos on some test please guide https://sandbox.cs50.net/checks/27fce84ae7204a6ea15d8b5cfb06f860

  • Have you tried to compare your headers with the staff's? Execute: ./resize 4 small.bmp student.bmp; ~cs50/pset4/resize 4 small.bmp staff.bmp; ~cs50/pset4/peek student.bmp staff.bmp Dec 30 '16 at 12:53

turns out there was an error with my headers. fixed it now all green yaay! i initially put the value of newpadding variable = 0 , and then using it on bisizeimage updating the new padding value afterwards which caused the issue, updating the new padding value before biSizeimage solved it .

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