I'm an online student learning at my own crawling pace, I try and do it an hour a night, thus taken me a whole half year to finish up till pset4.

I understand the "hard deadline" for CS50x 2016 is 31 December 2017. As per https://x.cs50.net/2016/schedule.

My question is, can I carry on with pset5, using CS50x 2017? Since there's a tab under CS50x 2016 that says it "Going away soon" (picture attached).

Cheers!enter image description here

I was investigating it further and saw that my assignments are due 1 Jan 2017... which is over. The two site seem to contradict each other on the deadline.. enter image description here

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Yes, you can continue. Any pset that you have submitted and has been graded will carry forward. However, to continue, you must do the 2017 course psets (it's actually the Harvard on-campus fall 2016 material). Additionally, if you want to redo any psets that have been graded, you would need to do the new psets instead.

To repeat, if it's been graded, it's good for the new year. Everything else, you need to do the current year's assignments (excluding the ones already graded.)

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