Cannot find questions.txt template to answer questions in whodunit.zip 2017 archive. Totally remember finding one in pset4.zip for 2016. Are we supposed to create our own file now? Liked the template though.

Sorry if I missed something.


Apparently not included this edition. From the download instructions in the spec:


$ wget https://github.com/cs50/problems/archive/whodunit.zip  
$ unzip whodunit.zip  
$ rm whodunit.zip
$ mv problems-whodunit whodunit
$ cd whodunit
$ ls
bmp.h  clue.bmp  copy.c  large.bmp  small.bmp  smiley.bmp
  • Thank you for the answer. I hope they will add it in the future.
    – Inhumate
    Jan 13 '17 at 12:04

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