I'm trying to debug server.c with gdb, but I can't figure out how to run server.c. The program compiles correctly, but when I use gdb ./server and then run public, server.c runs into an infinite loop. This also happens when I enter ./server public.

How do I run server.c using run public?

Thanks in advance!


Remember, when you start server it doesn't do anything until it gets a request, so maybe it's not in an infinite loop. Also, remember to set your breakpoint(s) before run public. Here is a quick guide for using gdb with server:

You will need two terminal sessions. It is also helpful to have the source code open in a third tab, I find it easier to follow than using l in gdb. It is infinitely easier (especially in the beginning) to test server with a curl request instead of a browser request. Key point: if gdb is not doing anything, it's waiting for a request; if curl is not doing anything it's waiting for gdb.

  1. In terminal 1, start gdb ./server
  2. (gdb) break parse
  3. (gdb) run public
  4. In terminal 2, issue a curl request to hello.html curl -i http://localhost:8080/hello.html. It won't do anything, assume gdb is at the parse breakpoint.
  5. Back in terminal 1, time to next through parse and let the troubleshooting begin!
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