I was working earlier I came home to finish problem set and my workspace is asking me to buy premium version of cloud 9. Is this a mistake or will I have to start over in a new IDE?

Message: You could be coding right now In order to provide a free service for everyone, we stop workspaces after a while.

Premium plans offer active workspaces, which ensure that the three most recently used workspaces are never stopped.


This happens sometimes. I've seen rare cases take 3 or 4 minutes to load, more is possible. Try again later and see if it persists. (Sometimes its also a function of how long its been since the last time you used the IDE, or a function of server load.) If it persists, contact someone from cs50 staff and/or leave a message on the cloud9 forum under support. They're usually good about monitoring the forum.

Its also a good idea to keep a copy of all your files locally on your own computer just in case the server gets hit by a beer truck. ;-)

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  • I had the same problem and sure enough after waiting for around 15-20 minutes it resolved itself - very worrying though! – willjsporter Feb 16 '17 at 11:46

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