I'm in the middle of implementing Speller, I've just got the 'Load' to work in a separate test file.

My question is how to insert the function into the distribution code? That is:

How can I insert other functions I've prototyped into dictionary.c?

Can i still include libraries into dictionary.c?

Can I #define in dictionary.c?

Can I typedef struct in dictionary.c?

Basically is there anything I should watch out for when I move the working implementation of 'load' from my own test file to dictionary.c

Thanks very much,



This is super basic stuff but had the potential to really screw me over as i implemented most of my code in a separate file...

It worked by just dumping it all in there. I was careful to insert functions in the order that I need them - otherwise it wouldn't work. So, for instance, my own function:

void insert_front(char member[LENGTH + 1], node ** first)

had to be prototyped BEFORE:

bool load(const char *dictionary)

because the latter used the former.

I also defined a global variable node * hashtable[1001] by declaring it outside of any function. That way all the functions could use it. For instance in my test file I had to feed the hashtable into the check function

bool check(const char *word, node * hashtable[1001])

but in dictionary.c I got away with

bool check(const char *word)

because hashtable was already globally defined.

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