On the cloud ide, I cannot go any higher than workspace on the file browser panel on the left. I can access the cs50 folder from the terminal but I think I need the GUI to display the folder, otherwise I cannot open the files in the cloud editor. I can open them inside the terminal but I would like to use the editor.

I can right click folders and files from the terminal and have it displayed on the file browser. This works for any files inside my workspace folder. Anything higher or anything on the cs50 folder, it wont do anything. It appears like the web appliance is blocking me accessing anything outside my own workspace folder, even though I can access it using the terminal.


In some instances, this is the desired behavior. Consider what happens when I examine permissions in the pset1 directory:

permissions in pset1 directory

As a member of "world," I only have the right to execute the file, so using less, cat, or vim fails.

Now, let's say I navigate to /usr/include to examine cs50.h. There I can use one of the command-line tools. Additionally, there is also a command you can run that will (sometimes) open files in the editor from the terminal: c9 open <file> (or just c9 <file>. For files in the workspace, it works well, but I've run into occasions where the command just hangs. Similarly, when I try it for cs50.h, it doesn't open. When I try to open it manually using "File > Open" and typing in its absolute path, it fails. This may be due to the fact that the permissions are set as read-only, and opening files in the editor is an implicit indicator of write permission? (Although, I just changed permissions, and it still failed.)

I'm curious to know now if this is indeed possible, but from what I can see, there's no obvious way to do this.

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