I am hoping someone can help. In PSET7 C$50, the url that is generated in the "Running" section of the problem set documentation is leading to a page with a message "This site can't be reached". I have carried out all the commands as stated ( pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt, flask run, phpliteadmin finance.db in another terminal window). Has anyone else had this problem or know the solution? If I try to open it in preview instead, I get a "Starting apache50..." message but the page never progresses. I have also already tried the "fuser -k 8080/tcp" command from the problem set FAQs to make sure there isn't a problem with othe processes. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Problems like this are very often caused by browser settings. Was this step

"Select CS50 IDE > Web Server to see the distribution code in action. " successful?

Some things to try:

  • use a different browser
  • run in an incognito/private session
  • disable any ad block
  • disable all extensions/plugins

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