How can I supplement this code printf("\nhaystack[%i] = ", size);that I can see the actual pseudorandom numbers that each i-th[] contain inside itself after haystack[1000] = using this command ./generate 1000 50 | ./find 127. Beacuse I only see an index in array i-th[] haystack[1000] =

Thank you!

for (size = 0; size < MAX; size++)
            // wait for hay until EOF
            printf("\nhaystack[%i] = ", size);
            int straw = get_int();  // It can get for example 1,000 or MAX = 65536 pseudorandom numbers from ./generate 1000 via pipe | ./generate 1000 50 | ./find 127 and then find needle
            if (straw == INT_MAX)

            // add hay to stack
            haystack[size] = straw;

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If you want to see the automatically generated numbers when you pipe them in, you just need to add one line after the get_int() statement:

printf("%i", straw);

Bear in mind that if you now run find as a standalone program with no external input, the program will still reprint the number again after you enter it manually, displaying it twice.

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