I have 6 errors when trying to compile, most of them are with the code that was already established from copy.c. I don't understand how to fix this error. Please help! Thank you.enter image description here


Looking at these errors, and without seeing any code, I would say that you have a curly braces mismatch or incorrect placement. The errors all seem to indicate that the compiler thinks these lines of code are function signatures, not executable code within a function or main. If so, it's possible that a single error is causing all of these problems, or there are multiple problems of this type.

Looking further, at the final error, an extraneous closing brace, tells me that you have an extra closing brace or, more likely, are missing an opening brace within your code. It is almost certainly the last line of code before line 124. Either there is a closing brace there that shouldn't be, or the opening brace that pairs with it is missing.

When you figure it out, let us know in a comment what it was. ;-)

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  • Finally! It works! Thank you! Yes there was an extra closing brace on line 114 of my code. I had so many for loops I didn't think about tracing them back to see if they matched. Thank you again!
    – see90
    Feb 23 '17 at 6:15

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